Forty years ahead of her time

Ask most people, “Who’s the best cook in your family?” and you’re likely to hear a lot of stories about Grandma.

Well, let me tell you right here and right now, bub…. my wife’s a better cook than your Grandma — hands down.

You want lasagna? All ya gotta do is ask. Tonight my wife took her LEGENDARY homemade sauce and pumped it up with sirloin beef & pork sausage, three different cheeses and whole wheat pasta for the best damn lasagna you ever had.

You feel like chicken tonight? She’ll braise chicken breast with shallots and a homemade sauce over cous cous like nobody’s business.

You want fish? No problem, champ. She can take tilapia, mahi mahi, or salmon and bring five or six dishes to the table that you won’t forget. I guarantee you that you’ll clean your plate.

I know I’ve said it about 1,000 times, but my wife is an awesome cook. In my line of work, I get to see/sample the work of chefs in four-diamond restaurants daily and she is — by far — the best cook I know.

Tell Grandma to take a seat… Merrin’s making dinner.

1 thought on “Forty years ahead of her time”

  1. Well, my Grandma was not a very good cook, but my mom sure is. Also, being a child of divorce didn’t hurt, either, since Mom pretty much went on strike after putting a meal on the table every night for 18 years. It was either learn to cook or eat crap all the time.

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