Big Kev’s 3.14 favorite pies!

Today is Pi Day 2008 (3.14 = pi, for those of you who missed that day at school!)

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Pi Day. You can take pi to 1 million decimal places while sporting your pi t-shirt, and singing pi day songs.

But, in my book, there’s no better way to pay homage to pi than to pay celebrate its tasty homophone – pie.

Big Kev’s 3.14 Favorite Pies

1. Cherry
Without a doubt, the cherry pie is the greatest pie ever conceived by man – or anyone else, for that matter. Think about it – crisp, flaky crust, cherries, and all that good.

2. Pecan
I have a very nostalgic love for pecan pie. For as long as I can remember, there have been pecan pies at all the best holidays. Thanksgiving – check. Christmas – check. Boxing Day – check. (OK, so that’s probably leftover Christmas pie, but you get the drift.) In fact, I think you can judge the importance of any festive gathering by the mere presence of pecan pie – or lack thereof.

3. French Silk Pie
Have you ever seen a more beautiful pie than the French Silk Pie? I haven’t, and I’ve seen a lot of pies. Creamy, whipped goodness, topped with more creamy whipped goodness. But that’s not all – oh no. French Silk Pie adds little chocolate shavings. Chocolate. Shavings. Yeah. I rest my case.

0.14 Apple Pie
A word of caution – do not let me anywhere near your apple pie if I have been drinking heavily, or I will eat your whole apple pie. This is not a theory. This is a fact.

Y’all have a great Pi Day and an fantastic weekend. I’ll see you on the flip!

7 thoughts on “Big Kev’s 3.14 favorite pies!”

  1. I didn’t realize that this was a widespread event – I just thought it was something our proposal manager made up.

    I had lemon, today, by the way.

    And I referred to the day as the Pieds of March.

  2. Lemon meringue pie is my favorite — with a little extra lemon. And graham cracker crust. One time in high school I asked for my own pie instead of a cake. Mom made 2 pies. One for me, one for everyone else. I took the fork and started digging from the middle!

    But the past few weeks I’ve been hankerin for some good apple pie. The good, flaky stuff. Real cinnimomony too.

  3. My grandfather (whom I take after) only liked *two* kinds of pie:

    1) Hot Pie
    2) Cold Pie

    Warm pie was classified as hot or cold using a subjective decisioning criteria.

  4. Is it wrong to have pie for breakfast? A good tart lemon ice-box pie would really hit the spot.

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