Six months

Six months ago today – almost to the hour – I signed the job offer that would bring us to Florida.

Wow. Has it really been only six months ago?! And — at the same time — has it really been just six months?!

As some of you know, I really had no intention of leaving my past job… at all… possibly ever. But the offer to take my current position was too good to pass up. And so, we started down this path.

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted about it, but the day I left my last job was one of the most difficult, most inspiring, and most emotional days of my professional career.

I was very close to my previous team. I had built that team from the ground up over my five years. I had a hand in casting/hiring/positioning 15 of the 16 players. It was my team and I was exceptionally invested in all of them – both personally and professionally.

The day after I resigned, the folks in our corporate office decided that my next position — while not a direct competitor — was too much like my past position and that I should leave right away. As a result, I was given a very nice check, but just few hours notice to wrap up loose ends and break the news to my team.

And — to be perfectly honest — it was devastating. I can remember coming home that day and just falling apart. And then… packing, because Merrin and I had to be on a late night flight to Orlando.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was about to undergo one of the biggest emotional 180s of my entire life. And I never saw it coming.

There in the suite waiting for us, was an exceptional welcome. There were roses for Merrin, and congratulations balloons. There was champagne and chocolates and fruits & cheeses of every kind. There was a note card from my new boss and a letter from my new team. And all that was… exceptional. But there was something else, too.

Among all this food and flowers and balloons was a poster. And this poster was signed by ever single person at my new company. “Congrats!” “Can’t wait to meet you!” “We are proud of you!” “Welcome aboard!”

And that poster… changed everything. These people – who we didn’t even know – couldn’t wait to have us there. And what it said – and what it represented – quite literally saved that day for me. This incredible welcome became a celebration of the next step in our lives.

I have that poster in my office today. And I still get a lump in my throat when I think about it.

2 thoughts on “Six months”

  1. That is awesome! It’s a great feeling to know you are loved and appreciated by the people you are working shoulder to shoulder with. I’m glad you have been blessed to receive it.

  2. sorry i’m just now getting around to reading this. i remember that day you left the old place and how hard it was for you. your new team will love you just as much as your old one, if they don’t already. i mean…who can’t love tacokev?!

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