Patriots lose, kids win

Did you ever wonder how the winning Super Bowl team gets those championship hats & shirts so quickly? I don’t think I’m spoiling the surprise here, but those are pre-printed. (Yeah…. Seriously…. I know.)

What you may not know is what happens to all the shirts for the team that DIDN’T win.

This year, needy children in Nicaragua, Romania, and several other countries will be sporting New England Patriots Super Bowl Champions shirts, through a generous donation to WorldVision.

Since 1994, World Vision has accepted hundreds of official shirts and caps immediately following football’s biggest event. Instead of being destroyed, the losing team’s shirts and caps are shipped from the Super Bowl host city to World Vision’s Gifts-in-Kind Distribution Center in Pittsburgh, PA. There, they are sorted and added to shipments of other goods requested by World Vision field staff in various countries. Once through customs in the destination country, World Vision workers distribute the apparel to children and families in need, many of whom have never owned new clothing in their lives.

So, the New England Patriots may not be champions here at home… but don’t try telling that to these kids.

Kudos to the NFL, Reebok, and everyone that helps make this outreach possible.

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