Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center
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A word of caution: Never go to the Kennedy Space Center with Merrin and me, because if you do… you’re in for a big-time geekapalooza.

We had the best time.

We rode the Shuttle Launch Experience. We did the NASA Up Close tour. We saw Cape Canaveral. We saw a real Saturn V rocket. We touched a moon rock. We saw the Rocket Garden. We saw the future NASA spacecraft Orion. We saw alligators – two of ’em! We saw bald eagles’ nests. We got to see the Vehicle Assembly Building. We saw the countdown clock that you always see on TV. We saw the crawler. We saw launch pad 39B. We saw launch pad 39A. We saw space shuttle Atlantis.

We even saw Atlantis on 39A.

Between the two of us, we managed to rack up more than 350 pictures… and we didn’t even come close to doing everything!

((Side note: All my pictures are online here, and geo-tagged here as best I could.))

But don’t worry — we bought annual passes (just $12 more? Heck yeah!) so we’ll be going back soon!

Now… if we can just get up close for a launch!!!

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