Streaming at you like a… stream

I’ve implemented (for now) my Lifestream in the sidebar of my blog. The goal is to give you some (possibly unwanted) insight into my day.

I’m using the SimpleLife plugin for WordPress to grab my various RSS feeds and aggregate them into my Lifestream. It’s a concept that nf0 introduced to me months and months ago, but it is just now being developed as a self-hosted plugin.

For now, my Lifestream will simply link to headlines from my blog, my flickr photos, what’s playing on my iTunes via, my twitter posts, and my links, as well as random musings (which don’t quite merit their own blog posts) on my Tumblog.

I will also be rolling my Lifestream into one tasty RSS feed – if you’re so inclined.

Why? Well, it’s pretty cool to play around with, for starters. I’m also thinking that it might come in pretty handy for a site redesign I have in mind later this year.

2 thoughts on “Streaming at you like a… stream”

  1. I think it would be a cool feature for Simplelife to make your lifestrem available as a feed – i thought about this before but assumed there would be no demand.

    The hard work is already done – SimplePie already produces streams etc – interested?

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