Presidential Milkshakes

I’m a little behind on this, but it cracked me up.

I drink your milkshake, even though I opposed drinking your milkshake four years ago. -Mitt Romney

I may drink your milkshake for another 100 years, if that’s what it takes. -John McCain

I drank a milkshake on 9/11. -Rudy Giuliani

I drink your milkshake, but I’m paying for it with gold. -Ron Paul

America deserves a new milkshake. -Barack Obama

I will fight the corporations so that you can drink your own milkshake. -John Edwards

I have 35 years of milkshake-drinking experience. *sob* -Hillary Clinton

It depends on what your definition of “milkshake” is. -Bill Clinton

Global warming is melting your milkshake. -Al Gore

We’re making good progress in the war on milkshakes, and make no mistake: we will prevail. -George W. Bush

— from Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat

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