Overheard in the office

This conversation cracked me up for a good ten minutes today:

A: OK, first of all it is a “gentleman’s club”, not a strip club.
B: Oh, sorry.
A: I don’t even go to strip malls, let alone strip clubs. I don’t even know what that is.
B: Yeah, right.
A: I handle the local market, OK? There’s a lot of power movers & shakers there.
B: Oh my gosh…
A: Listen… they have two sides to that place, alright? One is a restuarant and the other is the dancers & stuff, OK? I’ve never even been in the other side, alright? So don’t even try to paint me with that brush.
B: Yeah, OK. Sorry.
A: I have no idea what goes on over on that other side, but I’m guessing they serve food.

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