Via Sloane in the comments….

Do you like cheeseburgers? Sure ya do! Who doesn’t?!

What if you could have a cheeseburger any time you wanted it, anywhere in the world? Well now you can.

Straight from the sharpest minds in Germany… it’s the cheeseburger in a can.

I don’t know who invented the cheeseburger in a can, but — if he were alive today — I would suspect Vincent Van Gough. How else can you describe the of absolute fusion of madness and genius that went into this?!

I can’t even begin to imagine having a cheeseburger in a can.

Oh, wait. Yes, I can… but that was a totally different context.


  1. Yeah, but they’ll never solve the problem that McDonalds tried to address in the 80’s with the McDLT keeping the hot side hot and the cold side cold.

    But this also gave me an idea. What if you got a can of Pringles, ate half of it, then put a hotdog in it and sealed it back up. Now you have a meal in a can!

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