Buzzwords 2007

Here’s just a few of the 2007 buzzwords

bacn n.
Impersonal e-mail messages that are nearly as annoying as spam but that you have chosen to receive: alerts, newsletters, automated reminders and the like. Popularized at the PodCamp conference in Pittsburgh in August.

lolcat n.
On the Internet, an odd or funny picture of a cat given a humorous and intentionally ungrammatical caption in large block letters. Originally called a cat macro.

make it rain v. phr.
To drop paper money on a crowd of people, especially in strip clubs, nightclubs or casinos.

tumblelog n.
A Web site or blog that is a collection of brief links to, quotes from, or comments about things a person has encountered while Web browsing. It is a sort of digital commonplace book.

Of course, 2007 buzzwords are so… 2007. Happy New Year, y’all.