Anyone for some Chicken Fried Bacon & Gravy?

chicken fried bacon
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From Texas Country Reporter: If a person can’t sit down to a nice, big plate of crispy, flaky chicken fried bacon, well… what’s this world coming to?!

It may very well kill me… but I think I’m going to try this if I’m ever in Snook.

And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Josh made a road trip for this. It’s just the kind of culinary sideshow that gives you the chance to say “been there, ate that”.

Wanna try that at home? Here’s a guesstimate recipe, with one serving weighing in at roughly 40 grams of fat.

And if that’s not quite your cup of sweet tea, then Sodolak’s Original Country Inn also offers the the steak-by-the-pound lunch. (How does 2.5 pounds sound?)

Sodolak’s Original Country Inn
9711 FM 60 Rd E
Snook, TX 77879
(979) 272-6002
Closed on Sundays

HT: Rob (who secretly wants CFB, too!)

5 thoughts on “Anyone for some Chicken Fried Bacon & Gravy?”

  1. That reminds me of this restaurant in Tilden, TX. They had this thing called the “Fried Plate,” and my paternal grandfather was bonkers for it. Absolutely everything on the plate, with the sole exception of a large bowl of cream gravy, was chicken fried. It had your usual chicken fried fare, chicken strips & steak fingers. But it also had chicken fried corn, chicken fried pickles and chicken fried french fries.

    F’ing nasty. Just f’ing nasty.

  2. Its only 197 miles from here. And I drove through Snook just a few months ago. The good news is that I’ll being going back through there around September, I’ll have to add this to the agenda.

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