36,000 miles can’t be wrong!

Happy Truck-iversary
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Remember that truck I bought almost three years ago? It turned 36,000 miles today – just as I was pulling into the neighborhood on the drive home.

Yep, I’ve officially passed from the Ford factory warranty stage to the Ford extended warranty stage.

((sniff, sniff)) good ‘ol truck ((sniff, sniff))

I know many of you don’t understand my relationship with my truck (ok… damn near all of you think I’m nuts), but the truck just… fits me.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t a wandering eye from time to time (yeah… I’ve seen you over there eyeing me, Roush Mustang… and you too, Infiniti M… and even you, little roadster)… but I really couldn’t be happier with my F150.

Now… how to celebrate?! 😉

5 thoughts on “36,000 miles can’t be wrong!”

  1. Well, I know that Camille is making cupcakes….. Maybe we can take it up to see the space shuttle and drive it out on the beach at Daytona. I know the truck would REALLY like to get to the beach.

  2. oh my gosh. you and that truck! yes, The Truckâ„¢ will have a cupcake in April to match his beautiful coat.

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