It Couldn’t Be Done — Tim Finn

I heard this song from Tim Finn (“It Couldn’t Be Done”) a few weeks ago on Radio Margaritaville and it has instantly become one of my favorites. The song itself sounds VERY MUCH like George Harrison or something that the Beatles might have put out.

The message behind it is uplifting and inspirational. I get a little charged up just listening to it.

I hope you like it. If ya do, there’s a copy available at iTunes or you can enjoy it for free (as in beer) if you happen to catch it on Radio Margaritaville.

2 thoughts on “It Couldn’t Be Done — Tim Finn”

  1. That is seriously the most annoying song ever. The only upside is that every time I hear you humming it I get “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” stuck in my head! 😉

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