Tag – you’re it

Just got a call from the county tax office that my license plate request has processed. I’m not terribly excited about pulling the Texas plates off, but… at least I got something I like! Go Noles!

4 thoughts on “Tag – you’re it”

  1. Looks like you may need to have the plate changed after the bowl game. Remember where you came from. UK!!!

  2. Its going to take you and everyone else rooting for them in basketball this year. As far as letting you have this win if they keep playing the way they have been they sure will give it away. With that in mind I’m still saying go CATS!!!

  3. Looks like the Music City get together is going to be a tough one 🙂

    Oh and how did you get your plate so fast???? I ordered 4UK KATZ in mid October for the Vette and still no word 🙁

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