Corvette Show

Dad’s 2006 C6
Originally uploaded by kevindonahue.

Dad put his Corvette in the Tampa Bay Corvette Club show today, so I drove down to get a look. I had a blast.

Dad’s Vette looked great – with a deep shine that looked way better than most of the “show” cars, which is a great testament since his is a “daily driver”.

With more than 400 Corvettes entered in the show, I got a 55 year history lesson. The Tampa Bay Corvette Club had a 55-car salute with one model from every year lined up right at the front. And these cars were BEAUTIFUL. I knew that people were passionate about their Vettes, but… wow!

I think my favorite of the show was this beautiful white with silver ’58 C1 Corvette from Texas. I know they’re “built for speed”, but this was the perfect car for going slow. 🙂