No news is good news

Here’s the latest update from the Sunshine State:

  • The “sunshine” has been… not so much. We’ve been getting more than just the typical Florida afternoon shower on a pretty regular basis since Merrin got here. (I think she’s becoming skeptical of all the Florida marketing, at this point.)
  • We’re beginning to settle in to a routine in the new house. We’ve had our “stuff” here for three days and Merrin’s been making *amazing* progress. She’s even letting me help some. (But not much, because she has her system and damn if it isn’t working!)
  • I got a Florida drivers license this weekend. They assigned me my old license number from 13 years ago. The weird part is… I can remember my drivers license number. I say “weird” because… I can’t remember anything on a day-to-day basis. Seriously, I’m like a escapee from the senior center. I’m tempted to say that it’s stress related. I would worry that I have early onset Alzheimer’s, but… wait, what was I talking about?
  • The dogs are adjusting to the new house. Rigley took the pool screen pretty hard on day one. If you need a visual, picture a bird flying into a window… repeatedly. She’s finally got it figured out… almost.
  • The old house is still showing pretty well, but we still haven’t been able to nail down a contract with anyone just yet. So… keep sending good thoughts our way. I’ll rest easier when that is behind us.
  • Work is going really well. I think I’m going to have my plate full for a quite a while, but we’re off to a good start.
  • That’s about it for now – pretty boring, really. I’m about 26 days behind in my newsreader, so I apologize if I seem a little out of touch as of late. I’ll try to get caught up, but if there’s anything I’ve missed – y’all shoot me an email or chat me. 🙂

    5 thoughts on “No news is good news”

    1. There is NOTHING funnier than a dog running full steam ahead into a screen. Seriously. Our Chih does it from time to time (generally I’ll just leave the door open because she gathers up momentum and then charges the door like a maniac, but every now and then, I’ll see some sort of insect that I don’t want in my house and I’ll keep the screen closed). I will literally laugh for hours just thinking about it. Hell, I’m laughing now at the montage of mental videos I have in my head of her doing it.

    2. Nice to hear, I’m glad you guys are settling in. My county is on fire and we’re being evacuated. Hooray for renter’s insurance. =)

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