My Man Fridge

My Man Fridge
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In my post about Maison Nouveau, I forgot to mention the motley crew of beverages and food-esque items occupying my fridge.

I have a large assortment of beverages, both adult and otherwise, as well as half of a thin-crust supreme pizza, half a bag of four-cheese blend shredded cheese, and a jar Claussen dill pickle halves.

I’m sure Merrin will want to put a few of her own things in there when she gets here next week but — seriously — what else is there?

4 thoughts on “My Man Fridge”

  1. That is so TOTALLY not my fridge. Where are the fresh herbs? The five different kinds of gourmet cheeses? The CONDIMENTS for crying out loud? How can you survive without 8 different kinds of mustard? OMG, you *need* me there.

  2. That is my kind of fridge. So bare that you know exactly what you have! Kinda like mine right now.

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