The Slingbox-ness

With me living out of the hotel in Orlando, I’m miles and miles away from my Tivo and the ESPN Gameplan college football package. I have to tell you – the separation has been killing me. (And my wife & dogs, too, of course.) If only there was some way to have access to my DirecTV, Tivos, and ESPN Gameplan when I’m in Orlando.

Enter the Slingbox AV.

The Slingbox links my DirecTV/Tivo to a private channel on the internet, allowing me to access my stuff anywhere in the world – just like if I were home! In other words, the Slingbox “slings” (beams) my entertainment center anywhere I go with internet access. (demo)

I can watch anything I’ve recorded, watch live TV on either/both tuners, and program new recordings – all through a virtual Tivo remote that looks just like the one I use at home.

The compression is exceptional, so — provided you have a broadband connection — there is very little noticeable degradation. It’s literally just like watching TV.

The setup was quick and painless. Plug it in, plug in the network and away you go. The Slingbox will even set itself up in your router so that you may access it from anywhere worldwide without having to mess with any settings (port forwarding, etc).

If you travel frequently and miss a lot of your favorite programs/channels/team’s games, you should definitely check out the Slingbox. I know it probably sounds like I’m shilling for them (I’m not), but this is a seriously awesome product – especially for sports fans.

I am 100% smitten with the Slingbox-ness.

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  1. Believe me. Your wife and your dogs do NOT miss College Gameday. That said, while you were busy watching football today, I *did* enjoy being in the same room with you and watching TV on my computer. Viva La Slingbox!!!

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