How to: Convert iTunes song as Palm Treo Ringtone

My Palm Treo phone (a Treo 650) has some decent output for mp3s, so I wanted to convert a song in iTunes to use as a ring tone .

How to convert a song in iTunes to ringtone for Treo:

1. Open iTunes, choose a song you like, and play it. NOTE: [purchased music won’t work this way]
2. Watch the time on the top of the window and make note of the start time you want the sound to start and the sound to end….so for example, it you like the part of song 30 seconds into it then that would be your start time and if it ends 20 seconds later then your start time is :30 and your end time is :50
3. With the song still selected, go to File>Get Info
4. This brings up the window with Summary, Info, Options, Lyrics and Artwork, CLICK options.
5. Now just add the start and end times.
6. Close window
7. With the song still selected….go to ADVANCED>Convert Selection to Mp3. It will make a copy of the snippet for you in Mp3 format. Your original song remains untouched.
8. Drag the new Mp3 into the Install on Card window in Missing Sync. And do a sync and BINGO…you have customized ringtones added to your SD card on your Treo!!!

If you want to take this one step further, you can assign a different ringtone per caller using mRing.


3 thoughts on “How to: Convert iTunes song as Palm Treo Ringtone”

  1. Oh Kevin. Thank you a million times over. I don’t need ringtones, but I’ve been looking for a simple way to extract songs from Podcasts, and this is it. It will also help with those “hidden track” songs with long bits of silence at the end and another song after the silence. Once again… Kevin to the rescue! 🙂

  2. @ Kim – I hadn’t even thought of using it that way, but… yeah, that will work.

    @ Merrin – Maybe I’ll cut Damn it feels good to be a gangster as my ringer. 😉

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