Homeward bound

Catching a flight tonight from Orlando to Dallas for a three-day weekend with my wife & pups. 🙂

Update: Hooray! The connection through Houston just got more fun, courtesy of Hurricane Humberto!

5 thoughts on “Homeward bound”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    I assume you’re flying Continental since you’re changing planes in Houston. They are allowing a one time change with all fees waived on flights moving through IAH today. If you call CO, you ask for the following:

    CO 1870 MCO – CLE Departs 5:35PM 737-300
    CO 5817 CLE – DFW Arrives 10:37PM RJ-145

  2. Okay wait. I previously said it sounded like you were working for my old company, but I take that back. We always got to fly direct.

    Seriously though, I hope you aren’t held up in IAH. I for sure know how excited your wife is your coming home because I can hear it in her voice, and I for sure know how excited you are too – just because I know “you love her more”, Ross.

  3. @ C – I’m paying for this one, so I wanted to finish out my credits and get another free SWA ticket that Mer-Mer could use for ->FL or ->TX. (Or maybe even for you to come down!)

    @ S – Yeah. I really appreciate y’all hooking me up. 🙂

    In other news – OUR PLANE GOT HIT BY LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!! It cost us another 75 minutes on the ground in Orlando and I barely made it in last night. (Apparently getting hit by lightning is a *big* deal. Wimps.)

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