T minus 3 and counting

Three days left in Texas. ((sigh))

There’s still quite a bit to do, but we’re getting close to the point where many of the loose ends are wrapped up.

Merrin & Camille made great progress on getting the house packed and ready to show when we put it on the market after Labor Day. Josh came up this weekend and helped me work through the garage and shed.

I still can’t believe we have friends like the Coopers. Distance is just a number, but — it will be hard not having them a couple hours away. Then again, I can’t wait to do it up right when they come visit in FL.

I’ll be headed out to Orlando via Jacksonville on Wednesday. My Dad is going to fly in on Tuesday to be my co-pilot on the trip to Florida. The good news is that it looks like we’ll cross out of Texas in my best friend’s hometown. The bad news is — of course — leaving Texas.

Merrin will fly into Jax for a Labor Day weekend with the whole family, and then back to Texas on Monday. I’ll hit Orlando straight from Jax sometime Monday afternoon – just in time for the FSU-Clemson game. 🙂

T-minus three days and counting. ((sigh))

2 thoughts on “T minus 3 and counting”

  1. Its bittersweet for all of us. I am NOT looking forward to you being a 2 day trip away (or one long day) vs 4 hours. But I am looking forward to the fun and excitement, and good quality time, that is to come when we come visit in ORL.

    I’ve already talked to Josh and I plan on being Merrin’s co-pilot when she gets ready to, wait for it……leave Texas.

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