My Mac OSX apps

Pete is crossing over to the OSX side of the street, which prompted me to share my list of Mac OSX apps. So, in no particular order:

VLC – plays any video
Azureus – Bittorent
Flickr Uploader – Flick-y good
Parallels Desktop – XP on Mac
Adium – Chat
Isquint – Video to Ipod
Witch – Fast window switcher
Todos – Fast app launcher
NeoOffice – Open Office for Mac
Super Duper – Best backup out there – a must have!
Nocturne – Mac at night
Meteorologist – Menu bar weather
Mailtags – Tag your mail
Google Desktop – Good compliment to Spotlight
MacJanitor – Maintenance app
Handbrake – DVD to iPod
Letterbox – 3 panel
Google Earth – There’s my house!
Camino – Mozilla for Mac
Fenetres Volantes – amazing screensaver
Cyberduck – FTP
Blue Coconut – download from iTunes shares
AppZapper – Uninstaller

I’ve previously mentioned my favorite OSX add-ons, as well. (Which is pretty nice list, if I do say so myself!) 🙂

If you’re looking for recommendations from a broader mac demographic, I would suggest the mac board at

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  1. Thanks for sharing the results of all your hard work with us!! It makes it easier for us here on the ‘pad’ 🙂

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