Ever since our last trip to Jaoquin, I’ve been pining for some brisket. This week Merrin wanted some around the house for lunch sandwiches, so….. I’m trying to bbq my first brisket today.

I put in a call this morning to THE MEAT QUEEN (aka Camille) to go through her recipe. She’s got a really good one, so hopefully mine will be half as good as hers. 🙂

UPDATE: OMG!!! It came out perfect! It is so, so, SO good! Thank you, Camille!

5 thoughts on “Brisket-eses”

  1. I’m sure it’ll be good, but then again…1 hour vs 24 could make a difference. I want to know though. cuz if it doesn’t, then that means I don’t have to get started a day ahead of time.

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