April Showers x3

This has been a very wet year so far. We’re currently working on 11 straight days of rain. And not just piddly little rain, either. Texas rain – as in, “Hey, it might flood out today. Got s’more rain.”

May had 21 rainy days (vs our average of 9) and were more than three inches above normal. For the year, we’ve had 21 inches of rain – more than five inches above normal. (We’ve actually gotten more rain than that at our house – but these are the “official” numbers.) Of course, we’re no longer in a drought. 🙂

Why do I mention all of this? Well, because it’s raining today. ((SHOCK!))

1 thought on “April Showers x3”

  1. It hasn’t rained here since February. And we average about 13 inches in a year. Gee, I’m feelin’ mighty parched. Time for a beer.

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