Google adds Gears, brings offline access to Reader

For the better part of seven months, I’ve been saying that Google Reader is the shiz (10-2006 Google Reader: Oh it is brought-en) despite the fact that Google Reader still has no search function. (UGH!)

Well, now Google has has brought-en it again: Google Gears brings offline access to Reader.

As of today, you can use Google Reader offline. Now you can access your favorite feeds in the Golden Gate Park, on the chinatown express, or even traveling 35,000 ft above the Atlantic.

To do this, we’ve used the newly released Google Gears, a browser plugin that enables offline web applications. Once you’ve installed Google Gears, you can download your latest 2,000 items so they’re available even when you don’t have an internet connection. To get started, simply click the “Offline” link in the top right of Google Reader.

It works today (a little buggy, as google warns – it’s still in development) so check it out if you’re headed on the plane!

Cool… Google Reader on the Go!

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  1. its about time! It sucks when you’re on dial-up and you have to be connected to the ‘net to do everything.

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