The non-stop month of April

We’re five plus days into the non-stop month of April. (Not that April has extra days, per se, just that it feels that way!)

I’ll be working straight through the Easter weekend and all the way up to our trip to East Texas next weekend. Then a half day at home on Sunday before back to work and my parents coming in the following weekend. And then back to work and my parents back the following weekend, plus Merrin’s parents and the Buffett concert!

So, while I’ll be going non-stop for a little while, the really good news is that I get to spend time with the Coopers, Pat & Karen, the Stines, my parents, Merrin’s parents, and St. Jimmy.

I may have to take a few naps, but it will be good to see everyone again!

2 thoughts on “The non-stop month of April”

  1. Poor Kev. It sucks not having a minute to slow down like that. Maybe it’ll fly by and before you know it, you’ll be in the islands. Total Heaven on Earth.

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