Mmm…Taco Bell’s Breakfast

Sounds like our good friends at Taco Bell are coming out with a breakfast menu that is being sampled in Omaha, NE:

Taco Bell will serve eight breakfast items, including a sausage and bacon grilled burrito; a guacamole bacon grilled burrito; a bacon and egg taco; and Bell breakfast potatoes. Omaha will taste-test the recipes as a test case for the rest of the country.

10 thoughts on “Mmm…Taco Bell’s Breakfast”

  1. Back when I lived in California, our Taco Bells all had breakfast…at least in the mid 90s…their breakfast burritos were pretty good, all things considering.

  2. taco bell any time of day is pretty disgusting. unless its just your plain on bean burrito with no onions. I refuse to eat any of their meat products!

  3. I saw a commercial in Ohio for Taco Bell Breakfast. After I cried out loud for a minute (Tears of happiness), I called all my friends and told them the good news. Then I called my local Taco Bell or The Dept. of TacoBellia as I like to call it and asked them when I can get breakfast. She thought I was a crazy person! When is it going to be available everywhere?

  4. Ok i will have to tell all of you.

    I live in Omaha and just made a trip to the nearest Taco Bell sunday morning.

    I had the Bacon and Egg Crunchwrap and IT IS GREAT!

    No doubt the rest of the country will be seeing most if not all of these new items soon.

    Although i have heard the Bacon/Guac burrito needs some work (ie. Its Terrible)

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