Big storm go boom

We had a pretty nice line of storms roll through last night.

No damage at our place (at least I didn’t notice any damage this morning when I left for work), although several homes not far away were hit by tornadoes, hail, and damaging winds. The Morning News says at least a dozen homes were hit. There were reports of 65+ mph wind at the airport, but I don’t think it was that strong at our place (about 10 miles north of DFW).

I know we got about 6 inches of rain & watched a lot of lightning, but the wind kinda came & went – dodged one, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Big storm go boom”

  1. I swear we live in a bubble. Three miles up the road is where the Mound was hit really hard, but still….3 miles is pretty close. We needed the rain, though.

  2. I remember storms like that. “Torrential downpour” here is equivalent to, “light showers” there. Hearing people talk about the, “really bad storm” we had when it rained .15 inches over two days is still kinda funny to me.

  3. So, so true, Corey. Here’s the skinny ->

    What happened here last night would have been a Tropical Storm in Florida. Here, it was just rain. It takes ***A LOT*** to impress Texans.

  4. As soon as we heard a twister might have touched down in FM I thought, “Well, if he blogs tomorrow, I’ll know Kevin’s fine.” 😉

    We’re all just so blase about it all.

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