Let the hacks commence

I am *very* interested in getting an Apple TV, however, I have to hold off because the out-of-the-box Apple TV does not yet do everything I need.

For those not familiar, Apple TV streams anything an iPod could play directly from the iTunes installs on your network – which is great. However, it will not play Divx, Xvid, etc – which is not so great, as most of our digital movie library is in a “non-iPod” format. So… my options are convert hundreds of gigabytes to mp4 (which could *literally* take months) or wait until the hackers crack the Apple TV.

So… let the Apple TV hacks commence. 🙂

So far, there are some rough hacks that have gotten the Apple TV to play Xvid & Divx, booted Apple TV from the “disabled” USB, and upgraded the standard 40GB drive to 120GB.

But, all these hacks are hard-core hacks (in the ‘hey, josh, I’m gonna need you to SSH in and fix this’ sense). If I’m going to use this sucker, I need a “soft-hack” – plug this drive in and press “x”.

So, I’m going to keep my ear to the ground for a couple weeks and see what happens. Apple’s a smart company – when they see the desire to use this as a true multi-format network video hub, they very well may unleash the beast!

And, if not, it’s gonna end up being a Mac Mini Media Center, I suppose.

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