Garden Update: Organic Soil

My efforts to reinvigorate my soil through direct composting seems to be working, although I’m pretty lean in most of the planter boxes. To supplement my soil, I’m going to be adding Miracle-Gro Organic – an oxymoron if ever there was one – as well as Black Kow composted manure. I’m a little worried that I’ll be nitrogen heavy, so I guess we’ll have to watch the mix and test the soil a few times this spring.

I’m now giving some thought to adding a butterfly garden to the perimeter of my garden beds. Of course, the way the wind is out here sometimes, they might not stick around long!

I really want to thank Josh for helping me get started last year and for turning me on to a new hobby that I really enjoy. He’s beaten me to the punch on some plantings, but it looks like we’re both going to have nice gardens this year (although his garden is about 40 times bigger!)

4 thoughts on “Garden Update: Organic Soil”

  1. I’m so excited that you’re into this! Manure is great for gardens. Although, isn’t the MG Organic not really completely organic? Who told me that? Josh? Pat?

  2. It is organic–Chicken Manure is the nitrogen fert in the organic product w/ a corn base carrier ( the act. piece) I don’t know what is more organic than chicen Shi& and corn!!. Yes it is an oxymoron (MG Organics), but keep in mind that most of your “organic” products are regionally based companies with very little dist network. If anybody is going to make the “organic” craze work on a true national level it will be the guys at SMG. Hope that helps. And by the way I no longer have a vested intrest in this!

  3. Thanks, Pat. When I first saw the bags I was like “Scott’s is going to make a killing.”

    They’re into me for about 16 CF, so I wish you *were* getting a cut!! See y’all soon!

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