March 2007

links for 2007-03-31

Mvix Wireless Hi-Definition Media Player MX-760HD The alternative to AppleTV? (tags: apple appletv network hdtv)

Seven Minute Sopranos

Need a refresher of the 77 episodes of HBO’s The Sopranos? Here’s a seven minute YouTube video that fits the bill.

links for 2007-03-21

Mailplane – Gmail for OSX (tags: apple applications apps email gmail google mac macosx osx Mail software beta)

links for 2007-03-15

Slimming down iPhoto & saving HD space (tags: apple howto iphoto mac osx photography photos software tips tutorial macosx)

links for 2007-03-13

Canon Powershot TX-1 Hands-On With 720p in the Palm of Your Hand – Gizmodo (tags: camera gadget video wishlist movies hd hdtv)