Damn, commies & other Super Bowl thoughts

I get that it’s 55 degrees and beautiful out today, but there is something decidedly un-American about bailing on the Super Bowl to cut your grass. Damn, commie neighbors.

In other Super Bowl news, I think Billy Joel almost single-handedly made most of us forget about Rosanne Barr’s performance of the national anthem. Don’t get me wrong, Billy Joel is a legend and a fave, but that rendition wouldn’t have gotten through to Hollywood, dawg.

For those that are watching just to see the commercials, all the Super Bowl commercials are online at CBS

Looks like YouTube has the commercials, too, and wants your vote!

OK. I totally loved the Bud Light “Rock, Paper, Scissors” commercial. 🙂

The Bud light auction wedding commercial was awesome! Bud Light is 2 for 2 in my book!

Oprah & Dave score with the big Letterman promo. Genius.

Apparently there are game interludes between the commercials. 🙂

As fate would have it, I guess I’m liveblogging the Super Bowl… sorta. I mean, between trips to the kitchen for Rotel and Merrin’s new Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps. Mmm.

The Super Bowl needs more GoDaddy commercials – especially the ones that CBS wimped out on.

Merrin liked the Budweiser Clydsdale dog ad. I liked the Garmin GPS ad against the Map Monster. And there’s still a game going on.

The Frito-Lay fan-made commercials are greatness and — from a marketing standpoint — a great fresh take for the Doritos brand.

The Bud Light “Fist Bump is Out” ad was just OK, but I bet it gets a lot of play at the office tomorrow. 🙂

Before we get to the half-time show, let me say this: I’m not excited about seeing “The Artist formerly known as The Artist formerly known as Prince”. I’m sure TAFKATAFKAP will be decent, but after a couple years of the Stones & U2, TAFKATAFKAP just seems… eh. Maybe someone at CBS should have called Garth Brooks. He’s not doing much these days and always brings a huge following. How many bajillion saw his Central Park show? Garth would have rocked it out – guaranteed.

OK. I hate GM, but the GM robot dream sequence ad was genius. 🙂

Coke’s Black History Month commercial was classy and celebrates not one, but two black head coaches in the Super Bowl.

Little known college football trivia for ya: With Cedrick Benson now out of the game, the University of Texas keeps it’s record intact: No Longhorn alum has ever scored a touchdown in a Super Bowl. Amazing.

Connectile Dysfunction (CD) is an old Sprint ad. I love the play on words, though.

Frito-Lay’s nod to the two black head coaches was equally classy – maybe more so than Coke’s. I liked it better, anyway.

Coke’s “What else haven’t I done?” was pretty original. It wasn’t memorable, per se, but it was decent.

16-14 at halftime. This has been a decent game. Bring on “The Artist formerly known as The Artist formerly known as Prince”.

Just a note: I love HD TV. 🙂

Couple of questions on the Prince show:

  1. Did he throw on the rag because his hair was flat with all the rain?
  2. I’m just waiting for one his dancers to bust ass prancing around in the rain.
  3. What’s the height limit if you want to perform on stage with Prince? 5’2″?
  4. With all this rain, what’s that stage going to do to the field?

OK. Props to Prince – he rocked. I still vote Garth Brooks, but Prince worked it out.

I bet it doesn’t appeal to everyone, but the Honda “Tron” commercial was pretty cool.

All the Apple geeks are still waiting for a Beatles iPod/iTunes commercial to announce the Fab Four’s takeover. So far… nothing.

So far, it’s still a toss-up in my book between the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl, which we got sucked into for the better part of 45 minutes. (Shut up. The Puppy Bowl is totally cool for straight guys.)

Thank God for the Bud Light commercials. Bud Light is the class of the night. The Gorillas ad was decent, but I perk up every time a Bud Light ad comes on.

Apparently Sheryl Crow has sold out. Big time.

I didn’t like the first CareerBuilder.com ad (which I’m calling Survivor Lemmings), but the Promotion Pit a la the Roman Colosseum is genius.

The Taco Bell lions rock!! Carrrrrr-ne Asada!

The Toyota Tundra commercials may not be funny or sexy, but they’re connecting with me as a truck owner. The acceleration and stopping commercial (with the cliff) was okay, but the second ad was impressive. I’d like to fact check pulling 10K up that grade & then stopping it on the way down. If it’s true, that’s pretty stout.

Long live Robert Goulet!! I think that dude totally stole my stapler!

The Kevin Federline ad was awesome. It won’t make sense in say, six months when he’s completely AWOL, but still….

Bud Light hitchhikers ad rocks. Two thumbs up to Bud Light. Overall, best brand of the night.

How are the Bears even in this game? Statistically, the Colts should be blowing Chicago out. The turnovers and missed FGs are keeping the Bears in the game. This one looks like it’s going to go down to the fourth quarter, despite the Colts superior play.

Merrin liked the Bud crabs. Me… eh.

Marvin Harrison’s a warrior, but I’d be willing to bet he tore an MCL (at least) when his knee got bent under him. They just said he’s refusing treatment on the sidelines. I guess we’ll find out how bad it is tomorrow.

Touchdown Colts! OK – that should be the difference maker. Get the champagne on ice, Indy. Well, now it’s under review. I still say TD Indy. Let’s see if I’m right.

Yep. I was right. 🙂

The Jay-Z / Shula football chess… awesome!! I need one of those hologram things!

Etrade’s “Things you can do with one finger” ad missed a couple. 🙂

Merrin’s queuing up Queen’s “We Are the Champions” because — in her words — it’s time to celebrate five months of no football. (Little does she know that we have ESPN Classic… duh!)


This one isn’t over yet, but it might as well be. Congrats Peyton Manning – have a good time at Disney World.

Congrats two Tony Dungy – the nicest coach in the country. Talk about a guy that deserves to hoist that trophy. Congrats, coach!

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