Project 365 Update

Paper Lantern
Originally uploaded by kevindonahue.

I’ve finally caught up on uploading and/or taking my Project 365 photos. Some of my pictures got trapped in my camera when my batteries and flash reader went kaputski on the same day.

So, I ended up having to take some “make-up” photos, but I didn’t post those to the group, just to my own Project 365 set.

This particular shot is of an old lantern that sits on a table in our back yard. G Cooper used to play with this lantern every time he would come over – opening up the lantern, pulling out the “paper” fabric inside the lantern, and closing the latch. And then putting the paper back. And then repeating.

Today I checked the lantern and the paper is still there. All that’s missing is the boy.

2 thoughts on “Project 365 Update”

  1. Oh that makes me sad, make sure and leave that paper in there, wonder if he’ll remember it when he comes to visit, sooner before later!

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