No tacos for you slackers!

More ice & snow today. Yuck. Luckily all the schools are closed so it looks like most folks stayed home and the traffic was very light.

I called my team this morning and told them to stay home, too.

Am I just a nice boss? Nah. Turns out that it’s “TACO DAY” in the employee cafeteria so… more for me! 😉

I’ll say this – this ice & snow has totally my island fever. BOAT DRINKS!!!

For those of you scoring at home, that’s five Big Kev Taco Day’s so far this year, or roughly once every ten meals. FIESTA!!

6 thoughts on “No tacos for you slackers!”

  1. I throw out “island fever” – a de facto invitation to book some Caribbean airfare – and all you’ve got is, “you’re going to turn into a taco”?!? Jeez.

  2. The implication of Caribbean airfare is always out there…and speaking of….it’s probably about time to buy our plane tickets for our trip in May…..

  3. Dude, I could have taco day every day if I chose to…and I have island fever, too…that’s why we’re going to Seattle tomorrow.

    Sadly, if you don’t specify a specific island, you get stuck with Whidbey Island…or Bainbridge Island. 😉

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