I am solar powered

For the better part of three months, I’ve been working almost non-stop to get ready for a very important presentation at work. Well, Thursday *finally* came and it went very well. I got some kudos from a couple of the VPs from corporate that participated.

But now… I’m exhausted. I’m running on “E”. Or that little bit of left over after you get past “E”. Way too many hours in the office left me with nothing.

And then it finally dawned on me: I AM SOLAR POWERED.

I need to get away and recharge. I need the sun, and a little sand & sea wouldn’t hurt either. A trip to the islands is definitely in order. I mean, that’s way closer to the equator (i.e. more sun). You know what they say… changes in latitude, changes in attitude.

I need this. Or this. And this, this, and this. And more than a little of this.


But vacay is still a few months away. At least I can look forward to a Valentine’s getaway with Mrs. Donahue.

I am solar powered and I need to recharge.

2 thoughts on “I am solar powered”

  1. I hear ya, dude. Been on the same corporate rampage meself and there’s no end visible. No sun either for the most part as teh weather seems bent on continual overcast suckage while it subtley tries to drown us.

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