Home theater design with… Christmas lights?

Y’all know I’m a big college football fan, and I’ll do anything for FSU, but I think some stores are getting a little too desperate to sell stuff to fans.

Exhibit A: Florida State Christmas lights

OK, these would be cool for decking out the RV for tailgating or something. Merrin wouldn’t let me put them on the house (maybe for the Florida game? Pretty please?), but I have to take issue with one of the recommended uses:

Finish your home theatre room in style with your favorite team color lights.

Huh? WTF are you going to decorate in your home theater (excuse me) theatre with Christmas lights?! Geez!

2 thoughts on “Home theater design with… Christmas lights?”

  1. I see these being purchased for dorm room decorations. I hear the twinkle lights are still a popular decorating choice. We had two sets – blue and gold – in our window freshman year so I can’t say too much.

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