Google Reader still lacks search

Nick Baum of the Google Reader Blog says the Google Reader team looks to bloggers for ideas to innovate and extend Google Reader.

I have only one suggestion for Nick on how to improve Google Reader: Add Google to it.

Google Reader is great — hey, I quit using my licenscened version of NetNewsWire, after all — but I don’t want to have to use Greasemonkey scripts to simply search my read and unread feed items.

And I’m not the only one asking for this, Nick. The Google Reader Group is full of search feature requests.

I mean – it’s a Google product that doesn’t do search. Hello?!

2 thoughts on “Google Reader still lacks search”

  1. Yeah it would be cool to have a search box that would filter the results “on the fly” in an Ajax sort of way. This way t you could really zero in on what interests you.

    Oh then it would be cool to save that filter as another subscription. Might as welll get alerts sent from reader too when your search has new results.

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