FIOS enabled phones coming soon

Forbes dropped this little nugget in their Verizon article, detailing a FIOS enabled phone the company plans to launch later this year:

Keep an eye out for the next-generation Verizon One, a 5.6 gigahertz cordless phone with a sleek touch-screen panel. It’s connected to Fios and lets you get real-time traffic, weather, maps, caller ID with photos, stores addresses and phone numbers–and can revert to a screen saver with images licensed from the Museum of Modern Art. You can also tap its menus to order a pizza from Pizza Hut. You used to have to pick up the phone to do that.

As a very satisfied Verizon FIOS customer, this is pretty cool news. I’m also excited about the plans to upgrade speeds. 15 megabit is pretty good, but that 50 megabit looks really sexy. 🙂

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