FSU downs UCLA

Bowden at Emerald BowlIt’s been a long, long, long year, but it is always nice to finish with a win.

FSU beat UCLA 44-27 in the Emerald Bowl.

Jeff Bowden, who was forced to resign, called a great game last night and was able to do it his way – without too much intervention from Bobby. Bobby did keep calling for the same play over and over though – the lob pass to Gregg Carr. Eventually it worked, but I think we went to it five or six times unsuccessfully. Eh.

The good news: Two offensive coaches are out for next year – OC Jeff Bowden and RB coach Billy Sexton. That’s a start. Now we just have to find someone to replace them.

How far has this team fallen? We went to a bowl game where we had to share the sideline with the UCLA players.

Odd trivia: The Emerald Bowl (San Franscisco) is the farthest FSU has ever played from Tallahassee.

All in all, this was the best possible bowl outcome: a win, plus a glimmer of hope for next year.

1 thought on “FSU downs UCLA”

  1. I was glad to see BB pick up the win – I’d rather he leave on his own terms than get shuffled off. Smacking down a PAC-Tin team was a bonus too.

    And that stadium chewed a snotty rag. BOTH teams on the same sideline was bad enough (and that’s pretty low), but the turf ess-you-see-kayed. Did you see how half the end zone was nothing but painted warning track? YIKES!

    Then again, whattaya expect from a San Francisco based Nut bowl?

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