Baby Jesus’s Toy Soldier Posse

Merrin and Camille kidnapped me last night and tortured me with hideous displays of holiday “spirit”.

Yeah, right. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like the illumated birth of Christ surrounded by backlight plastic militia replicas.

Is it to early in the season to break out the Jerry Jones Christmas Wish? Nah, this post pretty much demands it.

“I’m telling ya, I hope you do better than you’ve acted under the tree this year with that stocking up there.”

3 thoughts on “Baby Jesus’s Toy Soldier Posse”

  1. We have a house in our neighborhood that has a rather lifelike nativity scene on the right side of the yard, then Santa, Winnie the Pooh and a few of the 101 Dalmatians in various stages of holiday costuming on the left side. Seth said, “I don’t remember Winnie the Pooh witnessing at the birth of Jesus.”

    There’s some serious weirdness around where we live.

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