The things Wii do for love

So Merrin — who has always been a Nintendo girl — wants a Nintendo Wii and the new Zelda for Christmas. (For those that aren’t aware, the Wii is one of the uber-cool new gaming systems out there this year.)

Since I didn’t get a chance to pre-order one and they went on sale last night at midnight, I spent the better part of last night scanning the web for a chance to buy one. I checked everywhere at midnight eastern, midnight central, midnight mountain, midnight pacific, and so on. I even set the alarm clock so I could nap and not miss a bottom of the hour/top of the hour opportunity! 🙂 And –since I’ve not even been able to sniff the chance to buy one retail– I’m sniping eBay auctions to try to find (a) someone I can trust, who (b) actually has one to sell.

I’ve been able to line up two people in Dallas who have the systems for sell on eBay and are able to do the deal today with local pickup. Meanwhile, I’m still hitting refresh (and force refreshing!) my browser over at Amazon.

It’s actually been kinda fun – the thrill of the chase. And, let’s face it, anyone who knows Merrin knows that this quest is totally worth it. She’s amazing and –if a Wii makes her happy– then Wii will find one!

Long story short, I have *some* hope that this will work out. I guess Wii’ll see. (HA!) 🙂

Note to self: Sieze the pre-order next time, dufus.


UPDATE: Wii win!! Got one on Amazon!


UPDATE: Uh, oh. Wii won again… on eBay!! Now I gotta return the Amazon one! 🙂


UPDATE: OK. Wii have it here at the house! Yahootie!!

7 thoughts on “The things Wii do for love”

  1. It will get worse before it gets better. The new Mario comes out in March. Plus, I’ll need something to keep me busy while we wait for our kid.

  2. I’m just afraid that you’ll retreat into Nintendo-ville and we’ll never see you. We’ll be like, “Merrin, can we have Thanksgiving dinner?” and you’ll be all, “NOT NOW. NEED ZELDA. Get a Swanson’s Turkey Dinner and heat it up!!”

    The madness has begun.

  3. oh and it will be in the Sunday Best Buy ad which means they will have some too…. if anyone is still looking

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