Mac Bug: iCal alarms appear mostly off-screen

Every since I got my 10.4.8 update to OS X, iCal alarms have been appearing mostly off the screen. It seems a lot of people are having this same problem and Apple is working on it (see Bug ID# 4759919).

Steven Frank accuratley dubbed the behavior “shyCal”, with a screenshot of the alarm display problem, although mine is off to the right side. Weird.

I’ve tried blanking the plist. I’ve tried repositioning before closing (heck, ya have to!), but –so far– there are no quick fixes.

If anyone sees a resolution for this, please email me or hit me on chat. Thanks!

1 thought on “Mac Bug: iCal alarms appear mostly off-screen”

  1. I am just glad I am not alone. I thought I was going crazy and had trashed the preferences files as well. I have another problem that started at the same time only in Safari. I have some RSS feeds in my bookmark bar that show how many new articles there are – but no matter what I do, if I show view all RSS, etc it never decrements the number of new RSS articles, just keeps growing larger.

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