I ask, you answer: Fried Chicken

Merrin really wanted fried chicken tonight, so I offered to go a little out of the way to get her favorite: Church’s Fried Chicken. It’s beyond me why someone would prefer Church’s over… say… God’s own special blend of fast food fried spices found only in Kentucky Fried Chicken, but… whatever.

(Caveat: The best fried chicken in the world is found at Babe’s in Keller, TX. Period.)

But it prompts the question:

Which fried chicken do you prefer? Church’s? KFC? Popeye’s? [Insert brand here]? Eww, fried chicken?

And, while we’re at it, which piece(s) is your fave?

I’m a breast & legs man, myself. 😀

14 thoughts on “I ask, you answer: Fried Chicken”

  1. The best used to be at a little gas station in Pelzer, SC called JR’s (we never knew if it was “Juniors” or “Jay Arrs”. But it was the best.

    Then for me it was Bojangles. But lately when I eat it, I feel sick later.

    KFC extra crispy is good.

    Hardee’s had great chicken. Too bad it’s gone.

    I’ve banned Church’s from my list because of a “mishap” years ago. Guess I’ve still got a grudge.

  2. Oh, I’d forgotten all about the Hardee’s fried chicken that was some good stuff. KFC rises to the top b/c I love the mashed potatoes and gravy. I’ll be taking a breast and leg out of that bucket please.

  3. uhhh…..#1 choice is Babes hands down, #2 choice would be a toss up between Popeyes and Church’s
    and the legs are the best!

  4. There’s a Babes (maybe the same one?) in downtown Carrollton that has awesome chicken. Might be a tad bit closer than Keller? Dunno….

  5. I’ve been to the one in Carrollton. Their menu there is too diverse. They have like three items, where the one in Keller only has two: chicken & chicken fried steak! 🙂

  6. Popeyes is nice for fried chicken. Personally, I loves me some chicken titties.

    But, for chicken, I really prefer El Pollo Loco. They aren’t found much outside of Southern California and it isn’t fried but it really is the best chicken I’ve had outside of deep east Texas. I think they opened a store in San Antonio; check it out if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.

  7. KFC is a winner for me, before and after the healthier lifestyle choice I made recently. I go by the 80/20 rule. Healthy 80% of the time, KFC and McD’s 20%.

    Legs and breasts rule, just the way it should be!

  8. Breasts and legs for sure, chicken or otherwise, any kind that’s chewaable.
    and if your thinking otherwise, you know which is my favorit piece ;

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