Garden Update

I did a little more work in the garden this weekend and planted some fall favorites.

In the #3 bed, I planted our spinach seeds and mixed garden greens seeds, plus added a new rosmary bush, transplanted the parsley and planted sage for the first time. The spinach and greens should be ready in just a few weeks.

In the #1 bed, I finished my composting and planted yellow onion bulbs. Ditto for bed #2. The peppers have really started going with the cooler weather. Instead of one or two little peppers, we’ve got 10-12 peppers.

Bed #4 still sits empty, but I’m expecting to get my shallot bulbs and garlic bulbs via UPS this week. The good news is that each shallot bulb should produce 6-7 shallots. The bad news is I’ve got 14 bulbs or so coming. So… we might have extra shallots. But, if you keep them cool & dry, you can store shallots for 8 months or more. (Lucky me!)

Oh, I almost forgot. I got the rocks down this weekend, so we now have a full walkway for our garden. I’d say it’s about a 16′ x 20″ path – not too shabby.

That’s about it down here. We’re expecting the Coopers tonight for a day or so. 🙂

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