F150 War Room

Word has it that Ford is creating a “War Room” to counter model changes from Chevy & Dodge. That’s a good thing, I think, because even the best-built, best-selling, out-and-out best truck can always stand a little refinement. And, if Ford is willing to listen, here are a few suggestions from a first-time truck owner who LOVES his F150:

1) V6 Diesel option targeted at 20-25MPG in real-world driving. With the weight of the current F150s, gas milage is… bad. 12 MPG in real-world driving is OK for people who need a truck, but boost that to 20 with the same/better power & you’ve got a winner.

2) Take the F150 into the next decade. Bluetooth, touch-screen GPS navigation, LCD flat panel, reverse camera, an outstanding sound system, cupholders that heat/cool, remote start — the works — all standard. Many F150 owners are opening up their wallets for aftermarket upgrades. Heck, integrate several three prong power outlets in the cab for guys that need their computers or want to power tools. Bring these high demand items to the F150 as standard features and you’ve got a winner.

3) Get out of the four-speed transmission business completely. A six-speed manual & automatic should be standard options.

4) Up the ante in the truck bed. Integrated, adjustable tie-downs, factory spray-in bedliner, storage compartments (a la Ridgeline ‘trunk’) and 12V power points in the bed would be outstanding standard features.

5) Bring back the F150 Lightning.

Again, the F150 is — by far– the best truck you can buy, bar none. I love mine & wouldn’t buy anything else. But you can always get better, and the F150 is no exception.

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