Mo Blingo, mo Blingo, mo Blingo

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but I won again on Blingo. To be more precise, Angela & I won together. Woo Hoo! iTunes gift card!! This is the sixth time I’ve won on Blingo and the second time Angela & I have teamed up for iTunes gift certificates. Thanks, Angela!

If you want to start winning on Blingo, sign up here and then start using Blingo for your searches.

For those that aren’t familiar, Blingo basically searches Google for you, but lets you win prizes for using their service. (What’s in it for them? Maybe you click one of the 1-3 text ads on the page.)

So how do win yourself some cash or iPods or whatever?

1) Just sign up at Blingo and tell ’em I sent you. (That way, if you win – I win, too!)
2) Search using Blingo. They’ve got a search bar of your browser or plugins for Firefox, etc. There are Camino tools to install Blingo, Safari plugins for Blingo, you name it.

So, go sign up for Blingo and start winning. What are you waiting for?!