..and my fish was THIS big!

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..and my fish was THIS big!

..and my fish was THIS big!,
originally uploaded by ~Camille.

Josh and I went fishing Saturday morning and caught just a few little ones. I think we spent more time getting our gear back in shape (unkinking lines, etc) than we actually spent realling in the trophy fish.

After more than one beer, I noticed that my line had been down for some time, so I decided to check it. Sure enough, a two-pound Crappie.

And while it’s not saying much, this is our biggest fish out of Lake Lewisville yet. When we got home, Camille showed me how to hold such a monster fish & got a photo for me.

I guess this means I’ve got to get one of those red, white and blue Loomis “FEAR NO FISH” window stickers for the truck. 🙂

3 thoughts on “..and my fish was THIS big!”

  1. Let it be known that this photo is NOT a representation of how I showed you how to hold it. You still look like you’re scared of getting slime on you and smelling like fish.

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