What’s better than ice cream? FREE ICE CREAM

Yours truly got the following head’s up from the Ice Cream Czar:

I happened to see your blog sometime back. Just to let you know, I own the Ben & Jerry’s in Plano and will be building them throughout the Metroplex. Also, although I too am a huge fan of the ice cream, it has crossed political boundaries. I am a Conservative and worked in the first Bush administration in 1990. Feel free to come in my store anytime.

And before I announce it to the press, Free Cone Day is April 25th this year. We will have a lot of celebrity scoopers at my store… noon till 8pm.

Hope to see you there!

Hunter Rose
Ice Cream Czar
Bovine Dreams, Inc. – Ben & Jerry’s Dallas Franchise

So there you have it, Dallas. Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream on April 25th!

5 thoughts on “What’s better than ice cream? FREE ICE CREAM”

  1. Mmmmmmmmm….Ice cream! I could live without a lot of things, but I would not survive without ice cream. Do you think I can get a freebie of Chocolate Fudge Brownie?

  2. You know, you’re all spoiled. You’re all happy about Ben & Jerry’s when your local grocery stores are chock full of delcious Blue Bell goodness. 😛

    I can’t get Blue Bell here. I can get Ben and Jerry’s and there is still nothing as good as Blue Bell.

  3. True, Corey, there is no ice cream better than Blue Blue Original Vanilla. That’s a given. But…free ice cream. We’re talking ice cream…for free.

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