iTunes/Mac help needed

I keep my iTunes library on a network share on my Terastation. It’s been working great – up until a week ago or so.

Now, when I start iTunes 6.0.4 (3) and select a song, it just times out to infinity trying to access the share/alias. can connect & browse the share via Finder. But even when I’m browsing the folders and click on a file to play, iTunes still peters out. If I access the song from within iTunes, the AFP client & iTunes stop responding (so sayeth the activity monitor).

I can access other shared file types (documents/movies/etc) from the Terastation without problems. I can play the songs in other clients (VLC, etc) from the Terastation without problems, so I’m thinking this has to be an iTunes issue.

I don’t know if any of the recent iTunes updates are killing it or what. I’ve tried blowing away the library files and restoring a backup set from when it worked great. Thoughts? Suggestions?