Crank up the Foghat

Car shows hand out lots of awards, but here’s the first time I’ve ever seen best new car for getting it on.

Love mobile: 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid
She said: “We know about parking, and this is a good car to go parking in or to the drive-in.”

Kudos to The Detroit News for asking the hard hitting questions.

1 thought on “Crank up the Foghat”

  1. Top choices:

    “Drive Me Home” ( You haven’t been drinkin’ have ya? Ya HAVE! Well SLOW DOWN!)
    “Drivin’ Wheel”
    “Highway (Killin’ Me)”
    “Terraplane” (Well I feeeeeel so lonesome…)
    “Blue Spruce Woman” (Smelled like she’d been playin’ with the Animals, I couldn’t tell her that…)
    “Sara Lee” (You had your fun, but what you done,
    Made me mad and drove me wild.)

    ‘N dat’s just fo’ startas.

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